Dreaming of Turning Your Garage into a Rec Room? Read These Tips to Get the Juices Flowing

Dreaming of Turning Your Garage into a Rec Room? Read These Tips to Get the Juices Flowing

March 17, 2020, 1:57 a.m.

Kyle Linden

Are you looking to add some fun to your home? There’s no better way to do it than by creating a rec room—and there’s no better way to create a rec room than by converting your garage. If it’s for the kiddos, this could mean making a space for anything from video games to foosball to arts and crafts. If it’s for adults—or for both kids and adults—a reading nook, home theater, and/or pool table might be on the list of things to include.

Regardless of what you want your rec room to be used for, there are some basic steps you will need to take to make it a reality. These tips should help you get going in the right direction with your planning:

Don’t rule out an outbuilding

So, you would love to use your garage for a rec room but the garage is already being used to full capacity. One thing you can do is add a prefab outbuilding to your property. That way, you can store your tools, equipment, and any other items in the outbuilding, which will leave your garage available to turn into the rec room of your dreams.

If you go this route, consider choosing a steel structure. As Armstrong Steel notes, not only will this give you a durable outbuilding, but it can typically be built faster and for less money than if you were to use wood.

Clear it out 

When you’re ready to convert your garage, the first thing you want to do is clear out the space. As JDog Junk Removal explains, this gives you the opportunity to organize the space from scratch. That way, you will be able to better envision where things will go. Along with decluttering and emptying the space, go ahead and deep clean while you’re at it.

Take measurements

Once the garage is cleared out, take a tape measure and measure every space. Draw up a layout of the empty garage with the measurements. This can prove invaluable when you’re picking out furniture, storage solutions, games, and other items for your rec room.

If you want to go the extra mile, add pieces to your layout as you think of them to see if they will fit. Having it “on paper” can help you make important decisions about what kind of items will work in your rec room.

Make it comfortable

Chances are your garage won’t be the awesome rec room you envision unless you take steps to boost the comfort of the space. If your walls don’t have drywall, that should be the first thing you add. Also, make sure there is adequate insulation, and paint the walls an inviting color.

Think about the floors as well. Do you need to add area rugs to the concrete? Or do you need to install new flooring, such as carpet, hardwoods, or laminate? And then there’s the lighting. Optimize any natural light flowing into the room, and if there is a lack of windows in your garage, explore your options with lighting (e.g., recessed lights, sky panels, floor lamps, etc.).

Make it yours

Once you have the foundational elements of your rec room in place, it’s time to bring in the goodies. Depending on what you want, this could mean adding flat-screen TVs, theater seating, pinball machines, and/or anything else that helps you enjoy the fun activities you’re envisioning. No matter what is in your rec room, however, make sure you have enough furniture and seating to make you and your guests comfortable.

Why not make your dream rec room a reality? If you don’t have the space in your garage, consider adding an outbuilding to your property. Also, clean out your garage and take measurements so that you can lay out your plans. Then you’ll be ready to bring comfort to the space and add all the fun activities you’re excited about!


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