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Step 1

Building your Project

Building your project is quick and easy. Just search through a list of our prebuilt projects or allow us to create a custom project for you. To search through a list of our custom projects, just click the Build Project. You will then be able to search through all of the projects we currently have built in the database. If you don't see a prebuilt project that you'd like to get pricing on then submit a custom project request form and we'll build you a custom project within 24 hours. We will then walk you through any further customization in order to get you a price for your project.

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Step 2

Customize your Project

Once you have built a template project you can further customize it to meet your needs. For example, if you are building a paint bedroom project, the default square footage is set at 400 Sq. Ft. You can edit the quantity input to whatever square footage of walls you need painted. So, if you have 500 Sq. Ft. just change the quantity to 500. The PostmyProject builder will then automatically calculate the new labor cost based off of the new Sq. Ft. and adjust the amount of materials you need accordingly.

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Step 3

Save, Email and Find Providers

Once you are done building your project, you can save your project for future editing. Once your project is saved you'll be able to go to your profile to pull it back up and edit it again. You'll also be able to email yourself your project details to include a list of materials generated from Home Depot. This list will include...

  • Names
  • Quantity Required
  • Cost per Material
  • Total Cost
  • A Link to Home Depot

Once you know the basics of what your project will cost, you can start purchasing materials to perform a do-it-yourself (DIY) project or you can search from our various providers to get estimates that should align with your PostmyProject Estiamte.

Checkout What's Popular

Click on any of our latest projects to see what other people are building.

Paint Bedroom

Painting an interior bedroom includes all preparation to include minor drywall repair. removing all outlet covers, protecting the trim and floors, and applying two coats of paint to ensure full coverage.

Replace Roof

Replacing a roof includes removal of the existing roof and installation of ice and water shield, felt paper, new flashing and roofing material.

Paint Basement

Painting a basement includes all preparation to include minor drywall repair. removing all outlet covers, protecting the trim and floors, and applying two coats of paint to ensure full coverage.

Paint Exterior House

Painting the exterior of a house requires caulking, scraping, and priming prior to painting.

Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a bathroom is a tedious process. You'll want to start out by figuring out your pricing options by using our builder. After you figure out how much your willing to spend look for a good bathroom remodel contractor with good ratings. A quality bathroom remodel contractor will usually have a design consultation before starting the construction.

Install Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are usually installed on every twenty square feet. Typically, you'll want to have a three way light switch; two switches. If the room has two entrances. Four way light switches are used for rooms with 3 or more entrances.

Install Water Softener

Installation of a water softener can be done using your home's existing water supply. Per code, this water supply needs to be 3/4" Copper, PEX, or CPVC. You will have to connect your water softener to your existing 3/4" water lines using various fittings. Typically, the fittings will connect to your 3/4" water line and terminate at the water softener with a 1" MNPT fitting. This will require at a minimum two ninety degree connectors at the 3/4" water line, 3/4" water line (PEX) to your water softener and terminating at a 3/4" to 1" MNPT conversion fitting that needs to be crimped.

Paint Closet

Painting a bathroom includes all preparation to include minor drywall repair. removing all outlet covers, protecting the trim and floors, and applying two coats of paint to ensure full coverage.

Install Wallpaper

Installing wallpaper includes removing existing wallpaper, fixing drywall imperfections, and applying a new wallpaper.

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